art exhibition “FiGURE and FORM” @ ArtSpace in Woodbridge

This was my first solo art exhibition in my (almost) home town of Woodbridge, at the beautiful ArtSpace gallery. I was blown away by the response I had. It was an important moment for me as I had been working on this collection for the last 18months, and as much as my friends and family had heard about what I was up to, no one – including me, had been witness to it all hanging in it’s entirety. It is a strange thing for a person to have their personal challenges and achievements in visual format to be on exhibition, and all of a sudden to be judged and analysed. It is slightly terrifying.

The gallery is in a space that was until recently a shop, and was originally used as a pharmacy. It’s a perfectly sized, street level, glass fronted room, with the door central to two enormous windows – that even on a snowy March morning still allowed a magical amount of natural light in.

Despite the horrible weather people were still out and about shopping over the weekend, and many came in to buy some art. The exhibition private view on the Friday was a huge success, and the following days proved to be equally as rewarding. People came, friends popped in – and brought me coffee! And most importantly, I sold half of my collection. I took orders on pieces that were then unmade and commissions on lots of portraits.

This looks to be an annual event for me now, so watch this space for details of the next art exhibition at ArtSpace in Woodbridge! You can access all the future exhibitions by following the link to ArtSpace’s own website


    Blue Mum Nautilus Blue   

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