About Me

Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in me and my work. I am super proud to present a sample of work from my current collection.

I live and work in beautiful Suffolk, balancing life between family, teaching and studio time.

Screen-printing is at the heart of what I make, beginning a journey by stretching and preparing screens. Developing my own screens is an art in itself, and a mechanical process where success rate depends upon a number of factors. The anticipation of the stencil success is hugely exciting, and an awesome way to begin a piece of new work.

PHOTOGRAPHIC SCREEN-PRINTING: Photographic images are printed onto acetate, then developed onto the screen using a light sensitive emulsion and exposed under UV light. Areas of emulsion that have been protected from exposure are washed away to reveal a stencil.

A piece will evolve from the exploration of colour and texture using printed and stenciled patterns, inks, paint, and collage. It’s so important to have a physical connection with the materials I work with, and to enjoy the fluidity of applying layers of media.

Starting a new piece is like a new adventure, heading into the unknown – I always think I know where I am going, but invariably the journey is never straight forward. Without exception, in everything I do there emerges a familiar pattern of finding order from chaos, which is so compelling. Everything is fun, and always should be

If you have any questions about my processes, or anything else, please do get in touch. It would be awesome to hear from you


Contact Me

I am always happy to discuss my work, commissions and exhibitions. Please contact me and I will get back to you.